Orcazoid Invasion (Disk II)

by Jaar of Nezborlan

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released November 17, 2012

Music and vox - Khaal Scott
Female Vox - Alma
Extra Lyrics - Andy Nagual Tr.7 & Sulieman of Burzukh Tr.10

Screams on "Caged for 10,000 Years" and violin samples on "Human Torment Experiment" by Corvid Canine




all rights reserved


Jaar of Nezborlan Aberdeen, UK

a complex, and experimental project all about aliens, horror and Reaktor

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Track Name: Leobronik Slime Grinder Fantasy

spider corp doubleback outland
lifes on the line
a badtrip destiny

alpha bait... litmus grip
Slime grinder fantasy
hydronik hightime

and in the dust the scattered litter of lost lives
cast adrift into the harsh winds of tragic fun

Phantom..... in the Void
wondering with the ghosts of the mind

poison bait in a cartoon life
rendered in a rats existence
as wondering foul and death
lever all the restrictive circles
litter of lost lives, cast adrift, winds of tragic fun

ghosts of the mind...
Phantom.....fright and delight
yodik in training
Track Name: Ojme

now nothing as what it seems
now nothing remains
dead, stone cold in a box

overcome this horror
for centuries we tried, tried to overcome
but now our fortunes faded, its all over...

now well i have seen your game
now i have seen it all

an inevitable demise
crashing in a volcanic pit
an inevitable demise
made of stars and special dust

now well i have seen your game
now i have seen it all
Track Name: Creature of Malevolence

We find ourselves embedding
into the layers of the entity
this writhing mass of ovulation
fenestrations and infestations

this creature of malevolence
structure of organic corruption
sucks in the souls and spits it out
forlorn corpse of our dreams

as we look deeper inside
the infection further spreads
distributing control
with the disease
Track Name: Ready for the Asylum

On the surface Jenny seems normal
but her doctor told that her sanity hangs by a thread
and living here could easily snap it

Take this mild drug and you will have a nice sleep without any nightmares
....and don't be afraid
I don't won't it, i am afraid of going to sleep


What a lovely day, i did not realise it
i nearly never go out... very strange!
lets take a stroll in the park
you know there is a very very strange
and rugged place i would like to show you...

in my little mind, colours and the dead
flowers fly.... flowers are flying

show us your wrath

i felt as if someone was pulling me down... down
i was so frightened. Help Me!
your among friends here... you must trust us.

you have to help me.... i am not mad
you have to help me.... i am not mad
ready for the asylum, ready for the asylum
ready for the asylum, ready for the asylum
you have to help me!

everything becomes confused without any reason

what an unpleasant surprise., i promise you it will never happen another time

but i am so frightened here
poor Jenny she becomes stranger all the time

the treasure will be so hard to take away

i asked you before not to come down to my laboratory
while i am busy with my experiments

Lunatic.....lunatic... lunatic.....lunatic
I am not mad.... i am not mad... i'm not mad
Track Name: Human Torment Experiment

Tonight i am ready to try my experiment on a human

you know my powers....
i will be a great man.......

creeping through my veins
pouring in my blood
darts of fire in my brain
i can't stand the agony

this torment.. i can't stand it
i want... i want.... i want.....
Track Name: Grimopsy's Message
Kill him!!!!!!
Track Name: Dehydrated Laughs

dehydrated laughs
inside crumbles
through the seven webs

watch theres the creature
it just lies and waits
now i have to cling to tainted whitewash dreams

savoir and light, flesh, burn
dehydrated laughs inside
to a void above me head
inherently through the seven webs
languishing in Lazborin
i say Anquilish

watch theres the creature!
Track Name: Freak

isolated... waiting in the dark....trapped inside

i'd like to take you on a little journey
to the extreme edge of human experience

an extravagant freak...freak
thats what we all have to watch out for
the human mind

time to give something super natural


this experience raises a lot of questions

psychological struggle.....
Track Name: Shiny UFO

Multiple lives in a million other worlds
yes its all there....does it matter

gonna make it glow brightly
and never go slow
seeing the unseen
visit the unknown

free like a bird, soaring high
on with the show UFO
got my brand new shiny UFO


seeing the unseen... ha ha
visit the unknown.... uh oh